Laparoscopic Transcystic Common Bile Duct Exploration

  • Joseph B. Petelin
  • Timothy Mayfield


Laparoscopic transcystic duct approaches to the treatment of common bile duct (CBD) stones were introduced in 1989. A wide variety of techniques have been developed since that time. While this approach is not applicable to all patients with CBD stones, it is highly successful (>90% clearance rates) in a large percentage of them when employed by well-trained biliary tract surgeons. Many of the techniques are not that difficult to master, and many of them do not require expensive choledochoscopic equipment. This chapter focuses on a comprehensive approach to choledocholithiasis while emphasizing the least invasive techniques that can be performed through the cystic duct.


Transcystic Cystic duct Common bile duct stones Choledocholithiasis Basket capture Choledochoscope Choledochotomy 

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