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Out of the Shadows

  • Gillian B. Fleming
Part of the Queenship and Power book series (QAP)


With this concluding chapter, I re-visit the main themes explored in this book: the queen’s role as a key figure in the crisis of legitimacy that opened with the death of Juan in 1497; her use of the power that she had; the main failures and successes of her life and queenship; the way in which others regarded her and the recourse made to her as the only real symbol of legitimacy. It looks at the queen both as ‘proprietary victim’ and as the personification of proprietary power. Apart from reviewing the queen’s personal abilities and desires, it takes a last look at the long shadow that she cast over her kingdoms. It argues that the determination of her various captors to prevent her from playing any part in the government of her kingdoms, on the ostensible grounds that her ‘passions’ endangered them, opened the way to forces highly detrimental to the interests of those same kingdoms. Although the comunero movement that arose to defend those interests could, in some respects, be described as traditionalist and conservative, it contained ideas that later movements and generations would take forward to enrich the developing field of international law and universal human rights.


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