Acute Right Heart Failure

  • Camille Abigael P. Alcantara
  • Anjali Chandra
  • Diana Morvey
  • Ernst R. von Schwarz


Heart failure is defined as a life-threatening complex clinical syndrome with exacerbation of symptoms signifying decompensation and requires emergent treatment. In its acute state it presents within 24 hours with symptoms such as shortness of breath, volume overload including pulmonary edema, sometimes forward failure and even cardiogenic shock. Two forms of acute heart failure exist: newly diagnosed “de novo” or acutely decompensated chronic heart failure. This chapter summarizes the clinical and prognostic classification of acute right heart failure, epidemiology, diagnostic work-up and the principles behind treatment and management options that focus on preload optimization, afterload reduction and improvement of contractility.


Right heart failure Cardiomyopathy Acute heart failure Congestive heart failure 


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