Introduction: Death’s Carnival: The Myriad Legacies of 1917

  • Maartje Abbenhuis


In 1917, the French-German poet Ivan Goll published a powerful piece entitled ‘Requiem for the Dead of Europe’, which spoke despairingly about the war then raging for three years. The conflict’s devastation was inescapable, affecting neutrals and belligerents alike. Taking as its starting point the congruence of global events in 1917, Maartje Abbenhuis’s introduction argues that this singular year was pivotal in shaping people’s expectations about the post-war future. The year 1917 collapsed the nineteenth-century world order and brought into being the twentieth century. By bringing together the contributions in the collection and focusing on the themes of commemoration, war culture, the mobilisation of societies and the military history of 1917, Abbenhuis asks: what were the legacies of this year of war and revolution?


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