Catalysing and Evaluating Development Responses to Organized Crime

  • Tuesday Reitano


The author points to some of the practical implications for the way development initiatives should be considered in response to transnational organized crime, including the means by which they should be measured, as part of a shift towards a more integrated approach.

The chapter shows, while it has been conclusively proven that security or justice led strategies will not be successful on their own; the more recent evidence is that development led strategies are similarly unlikely to be unilaterally successful. They are, however, fundamental to a long-term and sustainable solution to some of the most compelling global manifestations of organized crime challenges, to mitigating their impact on the world’s most vulnerable and building resilience of individuals and communities to resist their influence in the future.


Crime Development Corruption Integrated approach 

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  • Tuesday Reitano
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  1. 1.Global Initiative against Transnational Organized CrimeGenevaSwitzerland

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