IT and Cyber Capabilities as a Force Multiplier for Transnational Crime

  • Camino Kavanagh


The first section of this chapter provides an historical overview of the evolution of criminal use of IT capabilities as a force multiplier, highlighting a number of emblematic cases. The second section assesses more recent uses of IT and cyber capabilities, while the third assesses the strategic and policy implications of transnational crime’s use of these capabilities.

Sections one and two are conceived through the lens of a number of ‘strategic inflection points’ in IT development. These points represent moments when a new development in information technology emerged at the same time as important changes in strategic and geopolitical affairs, allowing states, private enterprise (and later citizens) to extend their interests beyond traditional borders with important implications for traditional notions of sovereignty, questions of strategic reciprocity and international politics. They also facilitated a shift in the scope and scale of criminal activity.


Cybercrime Technology Information Corruption Privacy Citizen security 

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