Mapping Jerusalem: Re-reading the City in the Context of the Medieval Mediterranean

  • Tamar M. Boyadjian
Part of the Mediterranean Perspectives book series (MEPERS)


Boyadjian offers a comparative study of medieval Jerusalem by challenging antagonistic approaches to the crusades and using the Mediterranean as a larger framework for analysis. The chapter draws attention to three texts from the early crusading period—the history of Ibn al-Athı̄r, the chronicle of Fulcher de Chartres, and the lament over Jerusalem composed by the Armenian High Patriarch Grigor Tghay—critically arguing that these ethno-religious traditions shape their representations of Jerusalem through the city’s sacred character, its contested status, and the mapping of a geotopographical space which produces a Jerusalem respective to each individual tradition.

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  • Tamar M. Boyadjian
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  1. 1.Michigan State UniversityEast LansingUSA

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