From “Autonomous” to “Interactive” Histories: World History’s Challenge to Armenian Studies

  • Sebouh David Aslanian
Part of the Mediterranean Perspectives book series (MEPERS)


Although awareness of the insularity of the field of Armenian historical writing and Armenian studies are nothing new, not much work has been done on analyzing the sources of this insularity and offering remedies to opening up the field. This chapter offers a set of provisional reflections on the writing of Armenian history and to a lesser extent on the field of Armenian Studies that builds upon past discussions but also adds a new level of analysis informed by recent scholarship done in the burgeoning field of world/global history. The discussion draws not only from the scholarship of global history and its comparative and interactive methodology of studying the past, but also from the cognate field of connected histories. Its reflections are not meant to be definitive statements but rather invitations to further debate and explore the advantages of imagining Armenian history not as autonomous history but as an open arena shaped by mobility and an unfolding of interactive histories.

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