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You should already be familiar with the following concepts: MASS: A measure of the amount of material in a body. In SI units mass is measured in kilograms (kg) or in our context in Tonnes (1 Tonne \(=\) 1000 kg). WEIGHT: The vertical force acting downwards on a given mass in a gravitational field. This force is dependent on the body mass and the local acceleration due to gravity:
$$ w = m g $$
where \(w=\) weight measured in newtons (N), kilonewtons (kN) or meganewtons (MN) and g \(=\) 9.81 m/s\(^2\) as a good average earth value of gravitational acceleration. Note: 1 N \(=\) 1 kg 1 m/s\(^2\) 1 kN \(=\) 1000 N, 1 MN \(=\) 1000 kN \(=10^6\) N. The weight of a 1 Tonne mass is 9.81 kN.

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