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    A oil tanker has a moulded beam of \(39.5\,\text {m}\) with a moulded draft of \(12.75\,\text {m}\) and a midship area of \(496\,\text {m}^2\). Calculate the midship area coefficient \(C_m\).

    [\(C_m = 0.9849\)]

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    Find the area of the waterplane of a ship that is \(36\,\text {m}\) long, \(6\,\text {m}\) beam that has a fineness coefficient of 0.8.

    [\(172.8\,\text {m}^2\)]

  3. 3.

    The following data in Table 1 relates to ships the late Victorian era. The units are in feet.

    Calculate for each ship type \(\nabla , A_m, A_w\) in SI units. You may use \(1\,\text {ft} =0.3048\,\text {m}\).

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    A ship is \(150\,\text {m}\) long, with a beam of \(20\,\text {m}\) and load draft of \(8\,\text {m}\), light draft \(3\,\text {m}\). The block coefficient is 0.788 for load draft and 0.668 for light draft. Calculate the two different displacements.

    [\(18912\,\text {m}^3\), \(6012\,\text {m}^3\)]

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    A ship \(100\,\text {m}\) long, \(15\,\text {m}\) beam and a depth of \(12\,\text {m}\) is floating at even keel with a draft of \(6\,\text {m}\) with block coefficient of 0.800 in standard salt water of density \(1.025\,\text {t} . \text {m}^{-3}\). Find out how much cargo has to be discharged if the ship is to float at the same draft in freshwater.


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    A ship of \(120\,\text {m}\) length, with a \(15\,\text {m}\) beam, has a block coefficient of 0.700 and is floating at the load draft of \(7\,\text {m}\) in freshwater. How much extra cargo can be loaded if the ship is to float at the same draft but in standard density sea water \(1.025\,\text {t} . \text {m}^{-3}\)

    [In salt water \(9040.5\,\text {t}\) and freshwater \(8820\,\text {t}\)]

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    A general cargo vessel with the following particulars; length between perpendiculars, \(120\,\text {m}\), midship breadth \(20\,\text {m}\), draft \(8\,\text {m}\), displacement \(\varDelta \) \( 14,000\,\text {t}\), midship area coefficient of 0.985 and waterplane area coefficient 0.808 is to lengthened by \(10\,\text {m}\) in the midship position. Calculate the new values for \(C_b\), \(C_w\), \(C_p\) and \(\varDelta \).

    [\(C_b = 0.733, C_w = 0.823, C_p = 0.744\), \(\varDelta = 15620\,\text {t}\)]


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