Reflections on the Training Mode of E-Commerce Professionals with Improved Practical Exercises and Innovative Ability

  • Shunmin Wang
Conference paper
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Practical teaching is a basic requirement for the cultivation of students’ practice and innovation ability. At present, there are some shortcomings in the practice teaching of e-commerce in undergraduate colleges, and it is necessary to cultivate the educational idea of students’ autonomous ability in the course of teaching practice. Teaching process should focus on the combination of basic theory and practice teaching, and teaching practice should focus on school-enterprise cooperation and joint training model. Practical teaching should focus on the development of e-commerce professional ability.


E-commerce School-enterprise cooperation Talent cultivation The talented personnel of e-commerce 



This research was financially supported by the subject of teaching reform project of NeiJiang Normal University (JG201618-333).


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  • Shunmin Wang
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  1. 1.School of Economics and Management, Neijiang Normal UniversityNeijianChina

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