Ovarian Cysts: Preoperative Evaluation and Laparoscopic Approach

  • William Kondo
  • Monica Tessmann Zomer
  • Nicolas Bourdel
  • Michel Canis


Benign ovarian tumors remain a common gynecologic problem. The main goal of the preoperative work-up is to exclude malignancy. Laparoscopic approach is the gold standard for the management of ovarian masses because it is safe and has proven advantages compared with laparotomy. However, systematization of the procedure is essential! Oncologic surgical principles must be always followed even in those women whose mass has low suspicion for malignancy. The surgical technique must be adapted to the characteristics of the cyst and the patient. Experts should try to teach young surgeons the proper surgical technique in order to make it easier and reproducible.


Ovarian cyst Laparoscopy Benign ovarian tumor Preoperative work-up 


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