IV Generalising to the Divine Sensorium

  • Jamie C. Kassler
Part of the Archimedes book series (ARIM, volume 53)


Thus far I have focused on the human sensorium by attempting to discover in the first two parts what can be learned about it from Newton’s texts and, then in the third part, from the wider context there treated. Recall that at the end of Part II, four questions were posed that could not be answered from Newton’s texts; and although the wider context provided insight into how these questions might be answered, it seems that none of the four questions can be answered with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, if we are to understand Newton’s complete sensorium concept, answers are required for reasons that will become clear in the next section. Accordingly, before addressing the problem of the divine sensorium, each question will be considered here and a plausible and, insofar as possible, an evidence-based answer will be provided. But in attempting to provide such plausible answers, I will adopt a slightly different order from that in which the four questions were first posed.

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