Lumbar Retroperitoneal Transpsoas Corpectomy

  • Gabriel Tender
  • Durga R. Sure
  • Yasser Badr
  • Anthony Digiorgio
  • Clifford Crutcher


The lumbar retroperitoneal transpsoas corpectomy technique is probably the most difficult minimally invasive technique to learn. The approach is similar to the discectomy technique, but has to be extended to span the two discs, above and below the pathologic vertebral body. Supplemental fixation with either a lateral plate or posterior pedicle screws is recommended.

Supplementary material

Video 13.1

L4 corpectomy in a patient with L2 and L4 fractures. The L2 fracture was treated conservatively (MP4 39663 kb)

Video 13.2

L4 corpectomy with abdominal wall muscles dissection (MP4 43712 kb)

Video 13.3

L1 corpectomy (MP4 82643 kb)

Video 13.4

L3 corpectomy. The posterior pedicle screws were already placed during a previous operation (MP4 23730 kb)


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  • Durga R. Sure
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  • Yasser Badr
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  • Anthony Digiorgio
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