Christian Contributions to Art, Culture, and Literature in the Arab-Islamic World

  • Bernard Sabella
Part of the Minorities in West Asia and North Africa book series (MWANA)


Sabella examines the role of Christian and Jewish Arabs in the Arab Awakening. Christians, being rooted in their own societies, in addition to having contact with Western culture, played a catalytic role. The role of the printing press created a cultural ferment which shaped the Arab Renaissance (Nahda) in the mid-nineteenth century. Sabella explores the importance of the Maronites in preserving the Arabic language and literature and that of the Western missionaries, who established educational institutions that spread liberal thought. Arab Christians, like other like-minded Arabs, still believe in a common future as witnessed by their writings, artistic performances, and political affiliations. The challenge today is how to mold this vision, given the current violence that has thwarted the rise of intercommunal and interreligious relations.

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