Christianity in the Wider Levant Region: Modern History and Contemporary Contexts

  • Anthony O’Mahony
Part of the Minorities in West Asia and North Africa book series (MWANA)


Recent violent religious and ethnic conflict accompanied by acute social and economic stresses in Iraq, Syria, and Egypt are major factors in Christian emigration, while in Egypt, the imposition of Shari’a law, an indicator of Muslim identity, profoundly impacts Christians and other non-Muslims. O’Mahony argues that Arab Christians should re-center Christian witness on the demands of liberation, which modern Arabs desire, rather than on “survival.” The social teachings of the Church must be engaged and respond to religious, political, and cultural issues, such as the exodus of Christians, the need for the formulation of a new “political-theology” that would transform Arab regimes through transformative participation, a new relationship between religion and the state, the safeguarding of human rights and religious freedom, respecting differences, and embracing diversity in unity.

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  • Anthony O’Mahony
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