The Answer to the Vulnerability of Arab Christians and Other Minorities Is Citizenship Rights Under the Rule of Law

  • Rami G. Khouri
Part of the Minorities in West Asia and North Africa book series (MWANA)


Khouri analyses the sectarian identity as a result of internal stresses within states and regional conflicts. For Christians and other non-Muslims and ethnic groups across the Arab region, the fundamental concepts that define states—national identity and citizenship—have never been validated. This is compounded by the degradations in the fundamental quality of life.

Khouri explains the current conditions and trajectories in the Arab region and demonstrates the structural malignancies of the recent Arab uprisings, terrorism, and the Shia–Sunni rivalry. The solution to the persecution of vulnerable minorities in the Arab world is genuine citizenship, based on an understanding of the need for citizens to validate their own government systems.

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  • Rami G. Khouri
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  1. 1.American University of BeirutBeirutLebanon

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