Forniceal-Vaginal Deep Endometriosis

  • Stefano GuerrieroEmail author
  • Gil Cohen
  • Silvia Ajossa
  • Ornella Comparetto
  • Camilla Ronchetti
  • Bruno Piras
  • Alba Piras
  • Valerio Mais


The forniceal-vaginal anatomical area is located in the recess at the vault of the vagina. Forniceal deep endometriosis (DE) is mainly located in the posterior part of the vaginal fornix but might involve also the lateral parts of the fornix [1]. The mean prevalence of vaginal DE is 17% [2], ranging from 4 to 39% [3, 4]. This wide range is probably due to the different classification systems used before the International Deep Endometriosis Analysis (IDEA) consensus [5].

Supplementary material

Video 10.1

Tenderness-guided evaluation of a forniceal nodule. (AVI 19616 kb)

Video 10.2

Tenderness-guided evaluation of a diabolo-like nodule. (AVI 11958 kb)

Video 10.3

A forniceal nodule evaluated without sonovaginography. (AVI 38005 kb)

Video 10.4

The same nodule evaluated using sonovaginography. (AVI 12545 kb)


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