The Role of Clozapine in Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia

  • Kuppuswami ShivakumarEmail author
  • Shabbir Amanullah
  • Ranga Shivakumar
  • Kevin Saroka
  • Nicolas Rouleau
  • Nirosha J. Murugan


There have been various definitions of treatment-resistant schizophrenia recommended by practice guidelines and various clinical trials. No clear consensus exists for a single definition, but in general treatment resistance has been defined as an inadequate response to at least two different antipsychotic trials at the maximally tolerated dose. Clozapine is recommended for those patients with clinically significant positive symptoms after failure of two or more trials of antipsychotic medications. In this chapter, we will be discussing the side effects associated with clozapine treatment and also the role of the other professionals.


Clozapine Agranulocytosis Myocarditis Urinary incontinence 


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