A Novel Chicken Swarm Neural Network Model for Crude Oil Price Prediction

  • Abdullah KhanEmail author
  • Rahmat Shah
  • Junaid Bukhari
  • Nasreen Akhter
  • Attaullah
  • Muhammad Idrees
  • Hilal Ahmad
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


For optimization applications, an innovative bio inspired algorithm of Chicken Swarm Optimization (CSO) is suggested, the CSO represents hierarchy of chicken swarm. Chicken Swarm Optimization extracts the chickens swarm intelligence that can be used efficiently to optimize problems. This research investigates performance of proposed model Chicken-Swarm Optimization in hybrid with neural network (Chicken S-NN) to find the local minima and slow convergence. Performance of the Chicken S-NN model is compared with ABCNN (Artificial Bee Colony Neural Network) and ABCBP (Artificial Bee Colony Back-Propagation). From the results of training and tested data, this is evident that the proposed (Chicken S-NN) algorithm performs better than the other models with respect to accuracy and Mean Square Error (MSE).


Chicken swarm optimization Local minima Back-propagation Artificial Bee Colony 



I would like to say special thanks to all the authors for helping in this research.


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