Case Study: Perceived Cultural Discord and Possible Discrimination Involving a Moroccan Truck Driver in Italy

  • Alessandro Stievano
  • Gennaro Rocco
  • Giordano Cotichelli


Ahmed is a 40-year-old Moroccan truck driver who has been working in Italy for the last 13 years. Ahmed has a basic level of education and a sufficient conversational skill in the Italian language. Ahmed lives alone, and although is married with two children, his wife and children were left behind in Morocco. He is also financially accountable for his visually disabled younger brother who lives in Morocco. Ahmed, being the sole breadwinner, relies on his truck driving job to support himself, his immediate family, and his brother’s family (Pfau-Effinger 2004).



The authors of this case study would like to acknowledge the assistance of Marianne Hattar-Pollara, PhD, RN, FAAN in editing this case study. Dr. Hattar-Pollara is the Chair of the Department of Nursing at California State University, Northridge. Her email is


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Alessandro Stievano
    • 1
    • 2
  • Gennaro Rocco
    • 3
  • Giordano Cotichelli
    • 4
  1. 1.University of Tor VergataRomeItaly
  2. 2.Center for Nursing Excellence, Ipasvi Rome Nursing BoardRomeItaly
  3. 3.Centre of Excellence for Nursing Scholarship, Ipasvi Rome Nursing BoardRomeItaly
  4. 4.Faculty of MedicineUniversity of AnconaAnconaItaly

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