Case Study: Maternal and Child Health Promotion Issues for a Poor, Migrant Haitian Mother

  • Joyce HyattEmail author


Twenty-five-year-old Nathaly migrated to the United States from Haiti 5 months ago. She is 38 weeks pregnant and experiencing labor pains. She is brought to the labor and delivery department of a large urban hospital by her cousin. She had one prenatal visit with a midwife in Haiti about 6 months ago but did not seek healthcare since she arrived in the United States. Nathaly was examined and found to be in labor. Her cousin speaks English fluently but was unable to stay with Nathaly throughout labor and childbirth because she needed to pick up her 9-year-old daughter from school and stay with her at home after. An interpreter from the language line service was engaged to speak to Nathaly about her medical history and to obtain her consent for admission and treatment.


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