Adaptation of Pediatric Health Care Transition Guidelines for Use with Youth Heading to College with Mental Illness: Building a Toolkit

  • Adele MartelEmail author


Health care transition preparation and planning for youth heading to college with mental health conditions should be integrated into clinical practice in a way that addresses the developmental and treatment needs of youth, supports their families during the transition, and is practical and sustainable for clinicians. In this chapter, health care transition planning, as described in the 2011 clinical consensus document by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physicians, and the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition have been adapted and elaborated upon for college-bound students with mental health conditions. A set of office-based transition tools is provided for use in routine practice and includes a Transition Readiness Assessment and Action Plan for Youth Heading to College with a Mental Health Condition, sample transfer of care plans, a sample emergency care plan, and a sample office transition policy. The differences between and value of a Mental Health and Medical Summary versus a Transition Portfolio are noted. Characteristics of this cohort of students, the academic and social demands of college, and features of the college application process have been taken into consideration in the development of this toolkit. Using a structured transition process on a routine basis should allow for more comprehensive transition planning and potential transition success.


Health care transition Health care transition toolkit Office-based transition planning Transition readiness assessment Transition preparation and planning Six Core Elements of health care transition Transition to college with mental illness 


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