CT and CT Colonography

  • Dimitrios T. Kechagias


Computed tomography (CT) can identify with accuracy locally advanced colon cancer and liver metastases, but it cannot diagnose peritoneal carcinomatosis. CT can identify T3/T4 tumors with more than 5 mm extramural depth which are candidates for neoadjuvant therapy. Screening with CT colonography shows similar detection rates of advanced neoplasia with those of colonoscopy. Patients with polyps ≥10 mm in size or three or more polyps 6–9 mm in size should be referred for colonoscopy. If the initial CT colonography is negative for cancer or polyps ≥6 mm, follow-up in 5 years with CT colonography is recommended. Increased adherence to population-based CT colonography screening is feasible due to technological advances in multidetector row CT scanners and computer-aided detection software in addition to stool-tagging low-preparation techniques.


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