WeDGeM: A Domain-Specific Evaluation Dataset Generator for Multilingual Entity Linking Systems

  • Emrah InanEmail author
  • Oguz Dikenelli
Conference paper
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Entity Linking is the task to annotate ambiguous mentions in an unstructured text to the referent entities in the given knowledge base. To evaluate these approaches, there are a vast amount of general purpose benchmark datasets. However, it is difficult to evaluate domain-specific Entity Linking approaches due to lack of evaluation datasets for specific domains. This study presents a tool called WeDGeM as a multilingual evaluation set generator for specific domains using Wikipedia and DBpedia. Wikipedia category pages and DBpedia taxonomy are used for adjusting domain-specific annotated text generation. Wikipedia disambiguation pages are applied to determine the ambiguity level of the generated texts. Based on these texts, a use case for well-known Entity Linking systems supporting English and Turkish texts are evaluated in the movie domain.


Entity linking Evaluation dataset DBpedia Wikipedia 


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