Echocardiography in Heart Transplantation

  • Nehzat Akiash
  • Anita Sadeghpour
  • Azin Alizadehasl


Orthotopic Heart Transplantation (OHT) is an appropriate treatment for patients with end-stage heart failure, as the beating heart is taken from a donor and will implanted in the normal place of the recipient who has a high chance for post-transplantation recovery, improvement in quality of life, and survival. In recent decades, significant progress has been made in measures needed to control and assess transplant rejection and post-transplantation infections (Stengel et al., Heart 86(4):432–437, 2001).

The first heart transplant surgery technique, described by Shumway, Lower, and Stofer, is known as biatrial anastomosis technique (BAAT) (Bolman, Oper Tech Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 4(2):98–113, 1999; Kitamura et al., Circ J 73(7):1235–1239, 2009), which was later replaced by bicaval anastomosis technique (BCAT) (Locali et al., Arq Bras Cardiol 94(6):829–840, 2010). Other methods such as modified bicaval anastomosis technique (mBCAT) were developed by a group of Japanese heart surgeons as an appropriate heart transplant method (Bolman, Oper Tech Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 4(2):98–113, 1999). In first year after OHT, graft rejection and infections are more common cause of death, and often allograft vasculopathy and malignancy occur 5 year after cardiac transplant, whereas survival rate of patients following OHT has shown dramatic progress due to advances in surgical methods and improvements in management of patients after OHT.


Echocardiography Heart transplantation Biatrial anastomosis technique Bicaval anastomosis technique Coronary artery disease Cardiac allograft vasculopathy Doppler tissue imaging 





Two-dimensional echocardiography




Three-dimensional echocardiography


Biatrial anastomosis technique


Bicaval anastomosis technique


Coronary artery disease


Cardiac allograft vasculopathy


Doppler tissue imaging


Ejection fraction


Heart failure


Heart transplantation




Isovolumic relaxation time


Intravascular ultrasound


Left atrial


Left ventricular


Orthotopic heart transplantation


Pulmonary hypertension


Pulmonary vascular resistant


Right atrial


Right ventricular


Tissue Doppler imaging


Tumor necrosis factor-α


Tricuspid regurgitation


Transthoracic echocardiography

Supplementary material

Movie 34.1

Heterotopic heart transplantation, 4-chamber view of recipient and short axis view of donor heart (AVI 9486 kb)

Movie 34.2

Heterotopic heart transplantation, recipient and donor left atrial anastomosis (AVI 10483 kb)

Movie 34.3

Heterotopic heart transplantation, color Doppler study of recipient and donor left atrial anastomosis (AVI 3385 kb)


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