Endoscopic Foreheadplasty

  • Evan H. Black
  • Kathryn P. Winkler
  • Geoffrey J. GladstoneEmail author


The positioning of the eyebrow is important for maintaining a periorbital contour and symmetry that is aesthetically pleasing. Many authors have described formulas for positioning the “ideal” brow, but in reality this depends on the patient’s characteristics. Each person has unique physical attributes that make him or her attractive, and there is no formula that can encompass these factors. The surgeon must look at each eyebrow on an individual basis.


Blepharoplasty Forehead lift Brow ptosis Facial nerve Supraorbital nerve 

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Video 2.1

Endoscopic forehead lift markings (MP4 121773 kb)

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Endoscopic forehead lift surgical procedure (MP4 799081 kb)

Video 2.3

Endoscopic forehead lift Endotine placement and closure (MP4 375030 kb)

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