• Robert C. Gericke
Part of the Contributions to Management Science book series (MANAGEMENT SC.)


This monograph investigates the effects of the 2007–2009 financial crisis on banking regulation and reporting, with a special focus on corporate governance and risk management. Particular attention is being paid to Germany and Brazil, two countries which have been affected to a lesser extent than many other economies, whilst Germany has felt the impact on many of its financial institutions, some of which had to be bailed out (e.g. Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank; EuroHypo; HypoRealEstate/Depfa. For details, cfr. 3.5.).

This study is a multi-disciplinary one, combining questions of Economics and Management (Risk Management) with those of Laws (Corporate Law and Social Regulation—Corporate Governance, Transparency), Social Science and Culture, meant to shed light on an area of great importance, which has recently undergone significant changes in a number of economies, in order to draw conclusions for potential future regulations in different jurisdictions.


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