Augmented Reality Media for Cultural Experience in Shrines

  • Kei KobayashiEmail author
  • Junichi Hoshino
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While intangible culture still remains as a custom, it is gradually losing the substance making it difficult for people to understand the value by their sensibility. Sensibility is important for conservation and dissemination of culture as well as cultural industry, and the augmented reality media convey meaning of shrine rituals, style of ritual manners and meaning as well as information about enshrined deities while appealing to people’s sensibility. Media for the purpose consist of five works mixed with attractiveness of materials and system development. Users are supposed to experience the works sequentially by holding a scroll painting. The scroll painting is a centerpiece to be used, for example, as a screen for projecting works guide and images.


Culture Interaction Media art Texture Augmented reality 

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