Sports Training System for Situational Judgment Improvement by Reliving First Person Viewpoint

  • Shunki ShimizuEmail author
  • Kaoru Sumi
Conference paper
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Situational judgment in a ballgame is said to be more difficult to obtain than skills such as basic passing and shooting. However, by displaying the images seen by a player from a first person viewpoint, it is possible to have a user perform the actual sports action performed by the player and experience the same feeling. We developed a situational judgment training system for this purpose. In this research, we particularly aim to improve the user’s situational judgment ability and focus on learning situations in ballgames in which the user does not know how to move to get the ball. The results of evaluation experiments conducted with six subjects indicate that the gameplay of users improved such that they were consciously able to move and get the ball better than they had before using the system.


First person viewpoint Situational judgment Reliving 


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