National Systems of Units and Currencies: T–Z

  • Jan Gyllenbok
Part of the Science Networks. Historical Studies book series (SNHS, volume 58)


The Portuguese first sighted the main island of Taiwan in 1544, naming it Ilha Formosa. The Dutch East India Company established itself on Taiwan between 1624 and 1662. Spain had a colony, Spanish Formosa, in the northern part of Taiwan from 1626 to 1642. Between 1661 and 1683, a government, often referred to as the Kingdom of Tungning, ruled Taiwan. In 1683, the Ch’ing dynasty took control of Taiwan, attaching it to the Fukien province. Taiwan was then part of the Chinese Empire until the Treaty of Shimonoseki handed the territory over to Japan in 1895. Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China in 1945.


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