Functional Anatomy and Dynamics of the Aortic Root

  • Xiao Zhou
  • Mani A. VannanEmail author
  • Khalil Fattouch


The anatomy of the aortic root is a sophisticated structure uniquely designed to optimize its function. Each component of the aortic root (Fig. 3.1) is deliberately assembled to allow the stroke volume to be ejected as a laminar flow with minimal resistance and minimal tissue wear and tear [1]. This organized action of the components of the aortic root is critical to the efficiency of the left ventricular pump, normal coronary blood flow, and the distinctive flow pattern in the aorta [2–6]. Thus, an understanding of the functional anatomy of the aortic root is essential to understand the clinical consequences of the disruption of this complex structure. This understanding also is key to the surgical repair techniques aimed to restore this sophisticated anatomy in various diseases of the aortic root. The following section will first describe the structure of the aortic root and in the second part describe the coordinated functioning of this complex yet intuitively efficient structure.


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