Warm Ischemia During Robotic Partial Nephrectomy

  • Francesco PorpigliaEmail author
  • Daniele Amparore
  • Riccardo Bertolo


The last two decades have seen the sunset of the radical nephrectomy era in favor of nephron sparing techniques for the surgical treatment of renal masses, especially for T1 renal tumors. The rationale of this evolution was based on the evidence of similar oncological results with a better postoperative renal function in case of nephron sparing approach (Ljungberg et al., Eur Urol 67:913–924, 2015). Simultaneously the new minimally invasive techniques, such as pure and robot-assisted laparoscopy, have been developed and used as the preferred approach to nephron sparing surgery (Pierorazio et al., Urology 78:813–819, 2011). Particularly, the three-dimensional visualization and the optical magnification allowed by robotic technology haveincreased the indication to nephron sparing surgery regardless the surgeon experience, shortening the learning curve of beginner surgeons. In experienced hands, robotic approach has pushed forward the limits of nephron sparing surgery with the aim of saving renal units the more as possible (Long et al., Eur Urol 61:1257–1262, 2012; Lavery et al., JSLS 15:291–297, 2011).


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