New Robotic Platforms

  • Jens J. RassweilerEmail author
  • Ali Serdar Goezen
  • Jan Klein
  • Evangelos Liatsikos


Robotic surgery has been introduced successfully to facilitate laparoscopic surgery including even radical cystectomy and urinary diversion (Rassweiler et al., Curr Opin Urol 11:309–20, 2001; Wilson et al., Eur Urol 67:363–75, 2015). However, this was accompanied by monopoly of Intuitive Surgical (Teber et al., Curr Opin Urol 19:108–13, 2009; Ghezzi and Corleta, World J Surg 40:2550–7, 2016). The company owns more than 1500 patents regarding robotic surgery of which some of earlier patents will expire in following years (Table 1.1). This promotes new manufacturers to introduce alternate devices (Table 1.2). Recently, we updated significant developments of robotic devices used for urologic surgery and endourology (Minimally invasive surgery in urology, 353–410; Rassweiler et al., BJU Int, 2017). Based on this, we want to focus on technical modifications of upcoming devices with special emphasis on future clinical applicability.


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