Surgical Protocol for the Placement of the Zygomatic Implant: A Graftless Approach for Treatment of the Edentulous Maxilla

  • Edmond BedrossianEmail author
  • Per-Ingvar Brånemark
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Purpose: The purpose of this chapter is to review the surgical protocol for the use of the zygoma implant to establish posterior support for the edentulous maxillae.

Method: Review of the literature for the reconstruction of the edentulous maxillae using both the grafting and the graftless approach.

Results: The use of the zygoma implant with and without immediate loading protocols has shown to be a predictable treatment concept.

Conclusion: The result of this contemporary review of the various techniques for the reconstruction of the edentulous maxilla suggests that placement of the two zygoma implants (ad modum Branemark) in conjunction with 2–4 premaxillary implants, rigidly connected and stabilized with a fixed prosthesis, allows for the favourable force distribution during function with long-term success of the implants and prosthesis.


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