• Jean Coussins
  • Philip Harding-Esch


This introductory chapter argues the need for languages, and suggests that languages belong everywhere a bit, but nowhere holistically or strategically. Brexit presents a new opportunity to get languages right in the UK. Drawing on the findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages, this chapter proposes four essential language-specific objectives for the government. It should guarantee the residency status of non-UK EU nationals already living in the UK; it should ensure that the UK retains access to and participation in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme; it should legislate for the Right to Interpretation and Translation in Criminal Proceedings; and it should develop a comprehensive strategic plan for languages. These actions will be needed to ensure that the UK produces sufficient linguists to meet its future requirements post-Brexit, if it is to be a leader in global free trade and on the international stage.

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  2. 2.Secretariat, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern LanguagesLondonUK

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