Posttraumatic Hip Osteoarthritis

  • Eustathios Kenanidis
  • Vasileios Lampridis
  • Iakovos Vlastos
  • Eleftherios TsiridisEmail author
  • Goran Bicanic
  • Zoran Sulje
  • Domagoj Delimar
  • Bogdan Deleanu
  • John B. Meding
  • E. Michael Keating
  • Tatsuya Sueyoshi


Posttraumatic hip osteoarthritis is usually the result of complex injuries of acetabulum or intraarticular hip fractures. Acetabular fractures are severe injuries with increased morbidity [1]. The prevalence of acetabular fractures has a bimodal distribution: a young group with high-energy trauma and an older group with frequent falls and osteoporosis [2, 3]. The gold standard of treatment for displaced fractures is the open reduction and internal fixation that aims to restore the joint congruency and to avoid development of posttraumatic osteoarthritis. Nonoperative treatment is indicative for minimally displaced (<2 mm) acetabular fractures [4]. Posttraumatic arthritis can be also the result of failed internal fixation of hip fractures [5].


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