Responsibility to Protect: Justice and Responsibility—Related but Not Synonymous

  • Alex J. Bellamy
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This chapter examines the pursuit of criminal justice for atrocity crimes from the perspective of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) with the aim of understanding the complex relationship between them. It does so in four parts. The first provides a general background to the emergence of R2P as an international norm. The second section examines the commonalities and differences between R2P and international criminal justice. The third section considers how these played out in relation to two significant cases: Kenya and Libya. The final, concluding, section examines the evolution of this relationship into the future. Overall, the chapter argues that although R2P and international criminal justice are generally related, the nature of that relationship differs from case to case. As such, they may be used separately or together, sequentially or simultaneously, and may be mutually supportive or mutually undermining depending on the context.


R2P Genocide Atrocity crimes UN ICC Criminal justice Prevention 

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