After the WTO: Rise or New Dependency?

  • Jianyong Yue
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Globalization has had a twofold effect on China’s economic development after its WTO entry, by stimulating a Ricardian growth miracle but inhibiting China’s catching up. “Growth without development,” which characterizes China’s model of development, did not make China another Germany or Germany, but rather reinforced its dependent development. China’s peaceful rise rhetoric precisely highlighted its developmental quagmire in the age of globalization, and hence its inability to challenge the “fundamental order of the international system.” The unholy alliance between Chinese crony capitalism and global capitalism, nonetheless, has made any effort of the regime to seek an “alternative” extremely difficult.


Double effect Ricardian growth miracle Catching up Growth without development China model Dependent development Peaceful rise Developmental quagmire Unholy alliance Seek “alternative” 

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