Robotic Gastrointestinal (GI) Procedures in Gynecology

  • John T. Kidwell
  • Nitin MishraEmail author


Robotic gynecological procedures are becoming more common in tertiary and quaternary referral centers [1]. Multidisciplinary approaches to extensive endometriosis or advanced gynecological malignancies are now commonplace. The GI surgeon may be consulted electively for en bloc resection of bowel or assistance with adhesiolysis and exposure of the pelvis. Nonelective consultation may result from injury to the surrounding gastrointestinal tract (colon or small bowel) during complex gynecology surgery. The anatomical proximity of the small bowel and colon with respect to the female pelvic organs renders this unavoidable. In the setting of robotic gynecology surgery, intestinal encounters may be observed in the background of tumor involvement in gynecologic malignancies, implants in deep infiltrating endometriosis, or inadvertent intestinal injury. The role of the GI surgeon may involve segmental resection of the colon or small intestine with anastomosis, colostomy or ileostomy formation, and primary repair of bowel injuries.


Robotic surgery Gynecology surgery Gastrointestinal surgery 

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