Heritage Language Development of Pre-service Bilingual Teachers: How a Practice-Situated Intervention Promoted Multiliteracy

  • Liliana Grosso Richins
  • Holly Hansen-Thomas


The increasing number of Latino English learners (EL) in US schools has been accompanied by a growing need for bilingual educators with the necessary linguistic skills to create optimal learning environments for their students. This chapter introduces a project in the state of Texas designed to foster bilingual education teacher candidates’ existing language literacies in Spanish. The program incorporated the tenets of Learning by Design, with the objective of establishing a linguistic intervention that would engage heritage teacher candidates in a transformational process that would allow them to develop new literacies and meanings in Spanish. The vehicle was a set of multimodal learning experiences based on the candidates’ available designs (literacies in Spanish and English, pedagogical knowledge, and life experiences) transferred to their teaching practice.


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  • Holly Hansen-Thomas
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