Aesthetic and Quality of Life After Breast Reconstruction

  • Gabriela dos Santos
  • Cicero Urban


There are many gaps concerning satisfaction and quality of life of patients undergoing a breast cancer treatment. Some authors reveal high levels of satisfaction with their outcomes, though the findings are limited by the use of different methodologies and small series. Patients’ satisfaction is the result of the care and attention given as well as some subjective opinions. The development of the oncoplastic surgery is one of the greatest achievements for the treatment of breast cancer, where better aesthetic outcomes, less psychological damages, and better quality of life are expected. By using mammaplasty techniques, large areas can be resected for the treatment of large tumors, preserving the breast and keeping the symmetry with the contralateral breast, therefore achieving satisfactory oncological and aesthetic results. The aim of this chapter is to critically analyze the criteria for aesthetic and quality-of-life evaluation after breast reconstruction.


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