Immediate Breast Reconstruction in Previously Irradiated Patients

  • Cicero Urban
  • Gustavo Zucca-Matthes
  • Rene Vieira
  • Mario Rietjens
  • Iris Rabinovich


Breast reconstruction in previously irradiated patients represents a difficult challenge to the surgeon due to the higher rates of complication and reconstruction failure that occur in this group of patients, especially with implants. Flaps remain the primary option, although for some very well-selected patients, implants can achieve satisfactory results with low rates of short- and long-term complications. The purpose of this chapter was to establish an algorithm for breast reconstruction after recurrence of breast cancer in patients previously submitted to breast-conserving surgery and exposed to irradiation.


Oncoplastic surgery Breast reconstruction Breast cancer Breast implants Latissimus dorsi TRAM Radiation therapy 


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