Implant Rupture

  • Cicero Urban
  • Mauricio Resende
  • Fabio Postiglione Mansani
  • Mario Rietjens


Although rupture is one of the main causes of implant removal, its real rate is difficult to quantify, especially in breast reconstruction. Most of the ruptures have no obvious traumatic origin and are silent or intracapsular, thus asymptomatic, and with a difficult diagnosis with conventional exams (mammogram and ultrasound). Magnetic resonance imaging is the most accurate method for implant failure diagnosis, but long-term cohort studies are necessary to evaluate integrity rates of these devices to better support their indications, follow-up, and limits in breast reconstruction. The aim of this chapter was to address the incidence, evaluation, and management of implant rupture in breast reconstruction.


Breast implants Internal breast prostheses Breast reconstruction Mammaplasty Mammoplasty Breast neoplasm Breast tumor Silicone gels 


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