High-Temperature Latent Heat Storage Technology to Utilize Exergy of Solar Heat and Industrial Exhaust Heat

  • Takahiro NomuraEmail author
  • Tomohiro Akiyama
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


To utilize the exergy of solar and industrial exhaust heat, latent heat storage (LHS) using phase change materials (PCM) is quite attractive for its high heat storage capacity, constant-temperature of the heat supply, and repeatable utilization without degradation. In this article, general LHS technology is outlined first; then recent advances in the uses of LHS for high-temperature applications (over 100 °C) are discussed, with respect to each type of PCM (e.g., sugar alcohol, molten salt, and alloy). The prospects of future LHS technology are discussed regarding exergy.


Thermal energy storage Latent heat storage Phase change material (PCM) Solar energy Exhaust heat 



This research was partially supported by the Japan Science and Technology (JST) agency, Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP).


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