Some Measurements in Multiple Jets

  • B. T. KannanEmail author
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The present work reports the evolution of multiple turbulent jets that emanate from axisymmetric nozzles arranged in a particular configuration. Five cases are considered for this present work. A Reynolds number of 25,000 based on the equivalent diameter is kept constant for all the cases. The measurements along the geometric centreline provide axial evolution. Profiles of measured mean axial velocity show the merger and growth of multiple jets at various axial downstream locations. Non-linear behaviour of multiple jets is found in the near-field region. The evolutions of flow from nozzle configurations with and without central jets are found to be different.


Multiple jets Axisymmetric nozzles Measurements 



This research was supported by yearly research fund provided by the Department of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras. The guidance of Prof. Panchapakesan N.R. and the support from workshop and other research scholars are gratefully acknowledged.


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