Experimental Analysis and Thermodynamic Modeling of a Diffusion-Absorption Refrigerator

  • Radhouane Ben JemaaEmail author
  • Rami Mansouri
  • Ahmed Bellagi
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Experimental investigations and theoretical analysis of a commercial diffusion-absorption refrigerator are presented in this paper. During the tests, the temperature at 14 locations – at the inlet and outlet of every component of the machine – as well as the cabinet and ambient temperature is measured. The tests are repeated for various electric power inputs to the refrigerator. The steady-state cooling capacity of the machine and its coefficient of performance, COP, are evaluated. The experimental data is used to validate a theoretical simulation model of the machine developed using the flow-sheeting software HYSYS of AspenTech.


Refrigeration Diffusion-absorption NH3/H2Environment Experimental Modeling HYSYS 


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  • Radhouane Ben Jemaa
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    Email author
  • Rami Mansouri
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  • Ahmed Bellagi
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  1. 1.U. R. Thermique & Thermodynamique des Procédés Industriels, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Monastir, ENIMUniversity of MonastirMonastirTunisia

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