Integration of Pulse Combustion in Air Bottoming Cycle Power Plants

  • Mohamed GadallaEmail author
  • Mohammad Saghafifar
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


To enhance the air bootoming cycle's efficiency (ABC), the integration of pulse combustor in ABC configurations is proposed. Two different configurations for pulse combustor incorporation in ABC are recommended including pulse combustor replacing the topping cycle combustion chamber and pulse combustor integration as a supplementary firing in the bottoming cycle. Sensitivity analysis is performed by controlling different design variables and investigating their effects on both thermal efficiency and net specific work output. Moreover, a detailed thermodynamic optimization is performed to achieve the highest power enhancement resulting from the implementation of pulse combustion for cycle configuration. Integration of pulse combustor in the topping cycle can improve the plant efficiency to 50.8% whereas the maximum possible ABC’s efficiency is about 43.6%. Finally, the integration of a pulse combustor as a supplementary firing in the bottoming cycle would enhance the overall plant efficiency to reach about 41.8%.


Thermodynamic optimization Air bottoming cycle Pulse combustion 


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