A Life in Peacekeeping

  • James O. C. Jonah


This chapter, by Sierra Leonean scholar-diplomat James Jonah, provides a historical account of the origins and evolution of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping, and its emergence as a major feature of Africa’s peace and security landscape. The chapter—part-memoir, based on personal experience of many of the events it recounts—charts the development of UN peacekeeping in Africa, from deployments in Egypt and the Congo during the Cold War, through an interregnum, to the establishment of operations in Somalia, Liberia, Mozambique, and Rwanda in the early 1990s. It also reflects on the politics of, and changes in, the management of UN peacekeeping on the continent, while calling for questions to be asked about new developments, such as efforts to link peacekeeping with preventive enforcement, and about the Security Council’s hesitation to provide appropriate financial and logistics support for peacekeeping by Africa’s regional organisations.

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  • James O. C. Jonah
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  1. 1.Ralph Bunche Institute for International StudiesCity University of New York Graduate CentreNew YorkUSA

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