South Asian Peacekeepers in Africa

  • Kudrat Virk


This chapter profiles three South Asian countries—India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh—that are among the biggest troop contributors to United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations in post–Cold War Africa. It assesses the motivational sources of their peacekeeping activism, grouping them under four headings: idealism, image and influence, interests, and institution-building. Though the nature and salience of each set of factors varies from one country to another, the individual motivations of the trio are primarily a function of their own national priorities, with the place of Africa somewhat incidental in their peacekeeping portfolios; the limited exception being India, which has a longer history of peacekeeping grounded, at least partly, in Third World solidarity that has blended with its contemporary interests in Africa. The chapter also assesses the contribution of South Asian UN peacekeeping in Africa, as well as its challenges and prospects in the context of the quest for a Pax Africana.

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